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Shed a Tier

Shed a Tier

The Covid-19 public health emergency has shown some of the great strengths of Irish society.  It has also shown weaknesses in our systems of health and social care.  We have a two-tier healthcare system which means that those who can afford it get it ahead of those who cannot and we have a siloed approach to the long-term support and care of older people which is biased towards congregated settings.  We owe it to ourselves, and to those who have sacrificed so much, to do better.  Let’s shed a tier and set about building Sláintecare: a single tier national health service with an integrated system of social care focused on home.


Continuum of Care

Since it was established in 2014 with funding from The Atlantic Philanthropies Sage Advocacy has identified the need for a Continuum of Care rather than one which is biased towards care in congregated settings.  In 2016 we organised a Forum on Long Term Care for Older People (Link to preface) with Third Age, Family Carers Ireland and Alone informed by a public opinion survey by Amárach.  The Report of the Forum Responding to the Support & Care Needs of our Older Population, Shaping an Agenda for Future Action - Report of Forum on Long-term Care for Older People (July 2016) was followed by 3 further discussion documents:

The Covid 19 public health emergency is a call to action.  A government has to be formed sooner or later and a key part of the Programme for Government must be a single tier integrated system of support and care; from the early challenges of ageing to the end of life.  Help us make this happen by sending our postcard to your public representatives and people of influence locally or nationally whom you trust and admire.  Remember, it is your future and there should be Nothing about you / without you.

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