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Long-term Care & Support

Sage submission to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

In February 2018 Sage made a submission to the CCPC’s public consultation on contracts of care in long-term residential care services for older people. Sage outlined the difficulties with contracts of care, identified measures that should be taken to address these issues, put forward suggestions for what provisions should and should not be in a contract of care and developed an indicative list of FAQs that service providers could use to make a contract easier to understand.

Contracts of Care for Nursing Home Residents – Issues of Policy and Practice

In October 2017 Sage launched a report examining Contracts of Care for nursing home residents which found that residents in private nursing homes are treated less favourably than those in public nursing homes in respect of notice of termination of contract, and that contracts may be unlawfully signed by a resident’s family member. The report recommended an overhaul of both the content of contracts of care and of the manner in which residents are expected to deal with the contracts.

The Nursing Home Support Scheme: Charges and Related Issues Discussion Paper

Sage carried out a public consultation on nursing home fees and charges in 2016, with Dr. Michael Browne preparing a discussion paper on the topic which states there is an urgent need for more debate around nursing home fees and charges as these apply to people who avail of the Nursing Home Support Scheme (NHSS), the so called ‘Fair Deal’. 

Report of Forum on Long-term Care for Older People.

Sage in partnership with Third Age, Family Carers Ireland and Alone established a Forum on Long-Term Care, and launched the report ‘Responding to the Support and Care Needs of Our Older Population’ at an event in June 2016. The report found there is a broad consensus on the direction that our approach to supporting older people who need care should take. This includes enabling people to stay at home and in their own communities for as long as possible, to cater for people at the lowest appropriate level of complexity and the need to provide high quality residential care when and if this is needed.

Planning the cost of home and/or residential care

Working out a budget for personal and social care costs can be difficult. Some people pay for all of their care while others supplement their care costs both for home and residential cost with State funded provisions and support. 

U3A Sutton Baldoyle, a member of Fingal Senior Citizens Forum, have put together a very simple starter template budget spreadsheet as a tool which you may find useful to start thinking about preparing a forecast estimate of costs and how it will be funded. The template can be used/adapted for both home and/or residential care – for a single person or a couple. 

The Template Tool: The process is simple, first ask yourself - How much income do I have and how much expenditure will I expect/forecast? Then input these figures on the template. The cost for home care is mainly based on an hourly rate by the number of hours. While residential care is based on a weekly/monthly basis, both can vary significantly between providers and where you live. Start with how many hours you expect each week, input this and then estimate an hourly rate (for example an hourly rate can be up to €30 per hour and residential can be on average €1250 per week). Project annually and then for a few years. Click on the image to download the template tool.

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