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Safeguarding the Human Rights of Older People through an Intergenerational Solidarity and Active Citizenship Approach

Sage Advocacy received funding through the KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices stream of Erasmus+, administered by Léargas. The project will focus on safeguarding older persons’ legal and human rights through active citizenship, an inter-generational approach, and involves a partnership between Sage Advocacy (Ireland), Pro Senectute (Austria), Tulip Foundation (Bulgaria) and BAGSO (Germany).

On 15th November 2022, Sage Advocacy hosted the first 3-day teaching, training, and learning event from this project. The theme of this event was Human Rights & Older Age – Where Rhetoric meets Reality. The activities sought to ground rhetoric around human rights issues with the experiences and perspectives of older people, professionals, and state bodies.  

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Presentations from the event

The Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Acts (2015 & 2022) came into force on April 26th 2023 and the Decision Support Service is now operational.  Here are a list of resources and links that will be helpful.

Decision-Making & Capacity

European Day of Solidarity between Generations

The 29th of April 2023 is European Day of Solidarity between Generations. Sage Advocacy is a partner on the Erasmus Project; Safeguarding Older Persons’ Legal and Human Rights through an Active Citizenship, Intergenerational Approach. This project has developed a Position Paper and a brief Statement of Position titled Intergenerational Solidarity: Selected Considerations.

These documents aim to raise awareness of the impact of issues related to intergenerational solidarity for the rights of older people. Please share this information as widely as possible to promote safeguarding older persons human rights.

See below for more information about our Programme Partners and their work.

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