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Audio Visual Media

Newstalk Interview with Ivan Yates and Mervyn Taylor around nursing homes concerns during COVID-19

Listen here to Mervyn Taylor, Executive Director of Sage Advocacy, speak about nursing home concerns during COVID-19 with Ivan Yates on the Hard Shoulder, 1st April 2020.



Limerick Live 95 interview with Lorraine Dolan, Regional Coordinator for the Midwest about Next of Kin

Click on the image or title to hear the interview with Lorraine around nominating your Next of Kin, 1st April 2020.

Next of Kin - Radio Kerry interview with Michael Cahillane, Regional Coordinator, Cork/Kerry

Click on the image to hear Michael Cahillane speaking with Jerry O'Sullivan of Radio Kerry around the issue of 'Next of Kin'.

Next of Kin - A Popular Myth

‘Next of Kin’ simply means someone who you would like contacted in an emergency. Being a ‘Next of Kin’ provides no legal standing whatsoever despite widespread belief to the contrary; beliefs held by health and social care professionals as well as the general public.  Click on the image to listen to our public awareness ad. 

Click on the image to hear our radio ad.

Read our information about Next of Kin.

Patricia Rickard Clarke talks about the importance of planning ahead and EPA

Patricia Rickard Clarke, Sage Advocacy Chair talks to Angie Mezzetti, Sage Advocacy Board Member, about a wide range of issues relating to advocating the human rights of older people and vulnerable adults. She underlines the importance for everyone of making an enduring power of attorney EPA no matter what your age.


Sage Advocacy claims that patients' voices are being lost in health service

Listen back to Roisin O'Leary, Senior Patient Advocate with Sage Advocacy speaking with Clare FM on Monday 29th July 2019 


Patricia Rickard-Clarke, Chair of Safeguarding Ireland, calls for the urgent delivery of adult safeguarding legislation on RTE Radio 1

Patricia Rickard Clarke, Chair of Safeguarding Ireland, calls for the urgent delivery of Adult Safeguarding Legislation, to better protect vulnerable adults and reduce abuse.

Mervyn Taylor, Executive Director Sage Advocacy speaks about the importance of safeguarding legislation on RTE Drivetime

Yesterday evening Mervyn Taylor, Sage Advocacy Executive Director, joined the conversation with Katie Hannon on the importance of safeguarding legislation to protect adults who may be in vulnerable circumstances. 

Forward the programme to 1.38 minutes to listen to Mervyn's contribution

Sage Regional Coordinator Lorraine Dolan spoke with Clare.FM about accessing homecare

Our Regional Coordinator in the Midwest Lorraine Dolan was on Clare.FM on 24th October speaking about the challenges for older and vulnerable people to access home care. Click on the image to find out more. 

Clare.FM interview with Regional Coordinator Lorraine Dolan, on 3rd October 2018 on Next of Kin

Sage Regional Coordinator Lorraine Dolan and Valerie Cox spoke with Clare.FM on 3rd October about the role of Next of Kin. Click on the image to listen back and find out more on Clare.FM 


Let's Talk Dementia

This six part series, presented by Fionnuala Sweeney, looked at different aspects of dementia.  In this episode, The Law and Dementia, Fionnula is joined by Mary Condell of Sage Advocacy, John Costello solicitor and author of “Law and Finance in Retirement” and Roma Ruddy, a volunteer at the Alzheimer Society of Ireland helpline.




Red Suitcase Story

Click on the image to listen

Bibiana Savin tells the story of the woman with the Red Suitcase who waited in the hallway of the nursing home trying to go home. The staff were unaware that she had the right to leave and told her to go to her room or they would call the Gardaí. She went to her room ate her humble pie and cried all night. After she contacted Sage Advocacy she was reassessed and went home to her own home to her cat and her friends and community. Five months later she pointed out her suitcase to Bibiana and told her the next time she would use the suitcase it would be on a trip to the United States on holiday!

Sage Advocacy Representatives deal with issues like this every day.

If you need help or advice contact Sage Advocacy.

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Affairs can be confusing

Click on the image to listen to Padraig

In this podcast Padraig Ruane talks about the kind of work Sage Advocacy does with clients and how the Assisted Decision-Making Capacity Act (2015) is about supporting decision making and maximising a person's capacity to make decisions.

"No Labels"

Click on the image to hear Emer

Emer Meighan, Regional Coordinator with Sage Advocacy talks about her work with adults who have an intellectual disability. The freedom to chose simple things like their own age appropriate clothes, hairstyle and makeup is important to people with and intellectual disability and gives them a sense of identity and autonomy. Emer says "It's important that we all have choices, that we get to chose the clothes that we wear and go to the shops and to chose what is next to our skin. 

Emer believes "we need to remove the labels, because they become the barrier about people with intellectual disability.  With a little help we can all feel the best versions of ourselves."

Glasses Story

Click on the image to hear Bibiana

Bibiana Savin is a regional coordinator with Sage Advocacy and she says that sometime people need help with the small things to keep them engaged and enjoying life. Often they need help of glasses to be able to sign financial or legal documents or just to be able to read their own post in a nursing home.  Privacy is an issue and rather than opening or reading correspondence aloud to people they should be asked if they need assistance by staff or provided with their glasses.

Dentures, glasses and hearing aids are essential to people living in nursing homes or living alone to enable them to live to the full and participate in the activities of daily life.  People who do needlework or other activities may need their glasses fixed or replaced or on a neck support to allow them to engage in their hobbies.

Bibiana Savin On Client's Joy of Painting

Click on the image to hear Bibiana

Bibiana Savin of Sage Advocacy describes how life improved dramatically for a client in a nursing home when they discovered the joy of painting. The man's social life improved and painting gave him back self esteem and relieved the boredom he felt in his nursing home.


Click on the image to hear Padraig

Padraig Ruane talks about transitioning from home to nursing home about fair deal and how sometimes an independent advocate is needed to explore the options for a person who would rather live at home even though their family thinks they would be better off in a care facility. "It is important have the person's voice heard and listened to." Access to keys and pension were an issue in one man's case. The person in this case was discharged from hospital and was in respite care for a few weeks. Once the man was ready to be discharged, there was no contact with the family and the nursing home had no choice but to discharge him back to the hospital and it was at this stage that Sage Advocacy got involved. The man said he did not want to go into a nursing home while the family insisted that he did want it. He had an apartment but did not have the key. With the support of Sage Advocacy the client gained back control of both keys and his pension.

"It was a clear advocacy case there were a number of people working against him but we were able to facilitate him and to support him ensuring his voice was heard. Oftentimes family out of fear, worry about their relative. This is where Sage Advocacy can help we can listen to both sides and make sure that the person's voice is heard."

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