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Sage Advocacy has made a written submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Disability Matters. You can read our submission here.

The members of the committee had invited submissions to hear about the lived experience of people with disabilities on the issues that affect them and their families and/or carers.

Sage Advocacy encourages the committee to take a broad view on disability and to ensure that older people with disabilities are part of the committee’s considerations.

Sarah Lennon, Executive Director of Sage Advocacy said: “Sage Advocacy thanks the committee for considering its submission and wishes the committee well in its essential work.

“Ireland is at a crucial time in terms of our international reputation for how we treat our citizens who have a disability, having belatedly ratified the UNCRPD long after our European counterparts.”

Sage Advocacy asks that the Joint Committee considers the following in its workplan

  • Ensuring that people with a disability are heard directly by the committee in the course of its work.
  • Older people with disabilities in general are heard from as well as those from other diverse and minority backgrounds.
  • Considering all aspects of social, cultural and economic rights in its deliberations and not just health.
  •  Considering the legislative and policy reforms required to ensure UNCRPD compliance, specifically: Commencement of the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015/ Adult Safeguarding legislation/ Protection of Liberty legislation
  • The need to examine the provision of care and the bias towards congregated models of care.
  • Develop a political roadmap for long-term support and care financing.
  • Exploring the suitability of congregated care for the under-65s or following a traumatic life event.
  • Examining the role of society in constructing disability and the role society can play in greater social inclusion.
  • Considering the training needs of stakeholders, in particular in relation to supporting decision-making and the need to fund and support self-advocacy initiatives.
  • Ensure that the cost of disability research includes all people with a disability, including older people.
  • Review the participation of the care-recipient in the administration of carer’s allowance.

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