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'Losing your Marbles is one thing...having them stolen is another' - new campaign to support older people to make decisions May 30, 2019

Eilish O’Regan

May 29 2019 8:16 PM

A new campaign called “losing your marbles” wants older people to have the right to be “unwise” when making decisions about where they live or are cared for.

The campaign “Losing your Marbles is one thing ….having them stolen is another” was launched by Sage Advocacy which acts on behalf of older people.

Speaking at the launch of Sage Advocacy’s annual report, its Director of the Decision Support Service, Áine Flynn, said the campaign highlights the importance of the presumption of capacity and of supporting people as far as possible to make their own decisions.

She referred to the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015.

Read Eilish O'Regan's full article here


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