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Call for Urgent Delivery of Adult Safeguarding Legislation June 10, 2019

Scoping of a Regulatory Framework for Adult Safeguarding Welcomed

Call for Establishment of a National Advocacy Service

Safeguarding Ireland has urged delivery of Adult Safeguarding Legislation to better protect vulnerable adults and reduce abuse.

In parallel, the organisation also called for the development of a Regulatory Framework for Adult Safeguarding and an independent National Advocacy Service.

Speaking following a dedicated briefing on safeguarding legislation in Leinster House convened by Senator Colette Kelleher, Safeguarding Ireland said much of Ireland’s legislation relevant to safeguarding is either out of date, or non-existent.

An Adult Safeguarding Bill has been in development since 2017, and Chairperson Patricia Rickard Clarke said today that it needs greater urgency and broader input across many Government departments.

“The appropriate safety and protection of vulnerable adults (who include people with mental or physical disabilities, capacity issues, or frailty due to age) is currently not sufficiently provided due to gaps in our laws in Ireland.

Further information is available on the Safeguarding Ireland website

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