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#SageRed September 5, 2018

Up to 1,000 men and women may be held against their wishes in Irish nursing homes, deprived of their liberty.*   Sage Advocacy has already been involved in assisting a number of older people to leave the ‘custody’ of a hospital or nursing home to return home with necessary supports in place.


One of those people was ‘Rosie’, an 85 year old lady who had been in a nursing home for nine months to recover from an illness. Now fit and ready to return home to her friends and her cat, her red suitcase had been packed for six weeks. She missed her home and the life she had before going into the nursing home.  Some staff thought she needed her family’s permission to leave.  They threatened to call the Gardai. ‘Rosie’ contacted Sage and she is now back in her own home and very happy.


This Thursday morning at 10.a.m. ten older women will illustrate the story of ‘Rosie’ by walking across the Halfpenny Bridge pulling red suitcases. They will represent all those older people who are kept in nursing homes against their will but who, with a little bit of support, could continue to live in the place of their choice.  Sage will also launch a postcard ‘Her life fitted into a suitcase’ which tells Rosie’s story.


Hear the story here https://soundcloud.com/user-373795536/sage-bibiana-red-suitcase-lady-story


“ Nothing about you without you”.

* Based on research studies in the UK and elsewhere.

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