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Fortnightly Forum - Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Legislation: Challenges & Perspectives February 8, 2023

Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Legislation

 Challenges & Perspectives

Fortnightly Forum


The Boardroom.  Dr Steeven’s Hospital. Dublin D08 W2A8 (Opposite Heuston Station)

Sage Advocacy has organised a Fortnightly Forum to provide an overview of the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act of 2015 as amended the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity)(Amendment) Act 2022.  This long-awaited legislation will be commenced shortly and with it the system of Wards of Court is being phased out and the Lunacy Regulations (Ireland) Act of 1871 will be repealed. A Decision Support Service has also been established to promote the rights and interests of people who may need support with decision making and it has prepared Codes of Practice for a range of professions and practices who will have a role under the legislation, including independent advocates.  This series of events, organised with the kind support of the HSE, is designed to familiarise people with the legislation and to address the challenges it will inevitably bring from a range of differing perspectives.  The sessions will begin at 17:30 and end by 19:30 and there will be plenty of time for discussion.  Please organise your own refreshments beforehand.



Wednesday 8th February

Chair: The Hon John MacMenamin (former Justice of Supreme Court).

Overview:  Mary Condell.  Legal Adviser.  Sage Advocacy.

Perspective:  Patricia Rickard-Clarke.  Chair.  Safeguarding Ireland.



Wednesday 22nd February

Chair:  Nora Owen.  Former Minister for Justice

Overview: Ciara Dowd.  Barrister.

Perspective:  Judge John O’Connor.  Circuit Court.



Wednesday 8th March

Chair:  Tim Dalton. Former Sec-Gen Dept of Justice

Overview: Mary Condell.  Legal Adviser.  Sage Advocacy.

Perspective:  Helen Hall. CEO. Policing Authority.



Wednesday 22nd March

Chair: Mary O’Dea. CEO. Institute of Bankers.

Overview: Ciara Dowd.  Barrister.

Perspective:  Denise Cusack.  Community Protection Manager.  Ulster Bank.



Wednesday 5th April

Chair: Mary Carolan.  Legal Affairs Correspondent.  Irish Times.

Overview: Mary Condell.  Legal Adviser.  Sage Advocacy.

Perspective:  Seamus Dooley.  Irish Secretary.  National Union of Journalists



Wednesday 19th April

Chair: Caoimhe Gleeson.  National Office for Human Rights & Equality Policy.  HSE.

Overview: Ciara Dowd.  Barrister. 

Perspective:  Dr Siobhán ní Bhriain.  National Clinical Lead.  Integrated Care.  HSE


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