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To collaborate where possible. To challenge where necessary.

Context for Support and Advocacy Work

What support and independent advocacy is

  • Supporting people to:

- Make decisions and to participate in decisions about themselves

- Communicate what their personal wishes are

- Represent their interests in accordance with their will and preference

- Secure their rights, and

- Obtain services they need.

  • Promoting social inclusion, equality and social justice.
  • Sage personnel are:

- Free from any conflict of interest

- Independent of family, service provider or systems interests

- Recruited, trained, supported and supervised by a recognised support and advocacy body

- Guided by quality standards and robust policies and practice guidelines.


What the service offers

  • Direct delivery of support and independent advocacy to individuals and groups with a focus on issues that have the potential for the greatest possible systemic impact.
  • Work to ensure that legislation, policies and practices are developed that will meet the needs of vulnerable adults and older people.
  • Work to ensure that the highest possible standards of service delivery are developed, communicated and implemented.
  • Recognition of the fundamental importance of values, standards and the law in determining the wellbeing of vulnerable adults and older people.
  • Work with public, private and independent service providers in order to identify adults who may be at risk and in need of safeguarding.
  • A team of people capable of tackling the most complex support and advocacy challenges presented by vulnerable adults and older people.
  • An understanding and appreciation of the systemic inequalities and weaknesses that exist in legislation, policies and practices.


Sage Advocacy Strategic Plan 2021-2023:

Adopted by the Sage Advocacy Board of Directors on June 17th 2021 (see here for further details)

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