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Sage Advocacy is the National Advocacy Service for Older People. It also supports vulnerable adults and healthcare patients in certain situations where no other service is able to assist.

Sage provides information, support and advocacy and our work on behalf of clients is independent of family, service provider or systems interests. Our team of experienced advocates is available right across the Republic of Ireland and our service is free of charge and confidential.  Sage Advocacy ensures that a person's voice is heard, that their wishes are taken into account and that they are assisted, in whatever ways necessary, to be involved in decisions that affect them.  Our work is guided by Quality Standards for Support & Advocacy Work With Older People, a Case Management Group and a Policy & Practice Committee. Our motto is simple: Nothing About You / Without You

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Information & Support Service (01) 5367330 Email info@sageadvocacy.ie

'Minding Your Marbles'

A public & professional awareness video providing an overview of the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) legislation and of the ALERT approach to the functional assessment of capacity.

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